Celebration of A New Baptist Covenant: Meeting Attendees

Published: January 9, 2007 by Associated Baptist Press

The following is a list of Baptists who attended the initial New Baptist Covenant meeting held at the Carter Center.

1. Jimmy Allen, Chairman, Baptists Today; Former President of Southern Baptist Convention
2. Lloyd Allen, McAfee School of Theology
3. Rob Appel, Executive Director, Seventh Day Baptist Conference
4. Jedaias Azevedo, General Secretary, Association of Brazilian Baptist Churches in North America
5. Jeremy Bell, Executive Minister, Baptist Union of Western Canada
6. Ken Bellous, Executive Minister, Baptist Convention of Ontario & Quebec
7. Yvonne Best, Associate Director for Program Development, Lott Carey Baptist Foreign Mission Society
8. Ron Black, Executive Director, General Association of General Baptists
9. Larry Brumley, Senior Vice President and Chief of Staff, Mercer University
10. Richard Brunson, Director, North Carolina Baptist Men
11. George Bullard, North American Baptist Fellowship
12. Ruby Burke, North American Baptist Fellowship
13. Thelma Chambers-Young, Vice President, North American Baptist Women’s Union
14. Alan Culpepper, Dean, McAfee School of Theology
15. David Currie, Executive Director, Texas Baptists Committed
16. Lance Currie
17. Charles Deweese, Executive Director, Baptist History and Heritage Society
18. Ralph Duke, North American Baptist Fellowship
19. James Dunn, Executive Director Emeritus, Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty
20. William Epps, Editor-in-Chief, National Baptist Voice
21. Beth Fogg, Past Member, Coordinating Council and Advisory Council of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, Past President, Baptist General Association of Virginia
22. David Goatley, President, North American Baptist Fellowship, Executive Secretary, Lott Carey Baptist Foreign Mission Society
23. Harry Gardner, Executive Minister, Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches
24. Gail Gardner
25. Kirby Godsey, Chancellor, Mercer University
26. Roland Grimard, Canadian Baptist Ministries
27. Sarah Hallstrand, Executive Minister, American Baptist Churches of Greater Indianapolis
28. Derrick Harkins, Vice President, North American Baptist Fellowship
29. George Harlov, Russian-Ukranian Baptist Union, USA
30. Gordon Harris, Interim Executive Director, North American Baptist Conference USA & Canada
31. Joyce B. Harris
32. Eron Henry, Associate Director of Communications, Baptist World Alliance
33. James Hill, Baptist General Association of Missouri
34. A. Wayne Johnson, General Secretary, National Missionary Baptist Convention of America
35. Jerry Jones, Team Leader, Global Missions and Evangelism, Baptist General Association of Virginia
36. James A Keefer, Baptist Educators
37. Marv Knox, Editor, Baptist Standard
38. Robert L. Lamb, Baptist Educators
39. Patricia Lane, Strategist, Intercultural Affinity Group, Baptist General Convention of Texas
40. Bill Leonard, Dean, Wake Forest School of Divinity
41. Denton Lotz, General Secretary, Baptist World Alliance
42. Emmanuel McCall, Moderator, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship; Vice President, Baptist World Alliance; Pastor, Baptist Fellowship Group, East Point, Ga.
43. Ashley McNeil, Lott Carey Baptist Foreign Mission Society
44. A Roy Medley, General Secretary, American Baptist Churches, USA
45. Phil Miller, Ministry Team Leader, Baptist General Convention of Texas
46. Gary Nelson, General Secretary, Canadian Baptist Ministries
47. Robert Parham, Executive Director, Center for Baptist Ethics
48. William Perkins, Professor, Morehouse College
49. Lewis Petrie, Vice President, Baptist General Conference
50. Johnny Pierce, Editor, Baptists Today
51. Tyrone Pitts, General Secretary, Progressive Baptist National Convention
52. Bruce Prescott, Executive Director, Mainstream Oklahoma Baptists
53. Michael Reel, Managing Editor, National Baptist Voice
54. Paul Reitzer, Baptist Educators
55. Albert Reyes, President, Buckner Children and Family Services
56. Herbert Reynolds, President-Emeritus, Baylor University
57. C.C. Robertson, President, National Missionary Baptist Convention
58. Don Sewell, Executive Liaison for Missions Relationships, Baptist General Convention of Texas
59. William Shaw, President, National Baptist Convention USA, Inc.
60. Jerry Sheveland, President, Baptist General Conference
61. Walter Shurden, Director, Center for Baptist Studies
62. T. Dewitt Smith, President, Progressive National Baptist Convention
63. Richard Swindle, Senior Vice President, Mercer University
64. Rev. Ademir Simoes, President, Association of Brazilian Baptists of North America
65. Alan Stanford, General Secretary, North American Baptist Fellowship
66. Yutaka Takarada, President, Japanese Southern Baptist Churches of America
67. Gerry Taillon, National Ministry Leader, Canadian Conference of Southern Baptist Churches
68. Bill Tinsley, WorldconneX Leader, Baptist General Convention of Texas
69. Stephen J. Thurston, President, National Baptist Convention of America, Inc.
70. Samuel Tolbert, General Secretary, National Baptist Convention of America, Inc.
71. Bill Underwood, President, Mercer University
72. John Upton, Executive Director, Baptist General Association of Virginia
73. Victor Upton
74. Daniel Vestal, Coordinator, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship
75. Houmphanh Vongsurith, President, Laotian National Baptist Fellowship
76. Charles Wade, Executive Director, Baptist General Convention of Texas
77. Rosemary Wade
78. Greg Warner, Executive Editor, Associated Baptist Press
79. Ross West, Director, Baptist Way Press, Baptist General Convention of Texas
80. Brent Walker, Executive Director, Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty
81. Bertha Williams, Vice President, North American Baptist Fellowship

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