Endorsements for BGAV Officers

Virginia Baptists Committed, a diverse group of clergy and laity devoted to preserving, protecting, and promoting the witness of mainstream Baptists in Virginia, is pleased to endorse candidates for the four annually elected offices of the BGAV for the November 2017 annual meeting.

After several years of not endorsing or recommending candidates for the BGAV, VBC has decided to resume the practice following encouragement from clergy and lay people from across the state.

VBC is pleased to endorse George Fletcher, retired pastor of First Baptist Winchester, for the office of President of the BGAV. Kristin Whitesides, pastor of First Baptist Church, Winchester, will nominate George.



VBC endorses Richard Martin, a lay member of Huguenot Road Church, for the office of First Vice President.  Bert Browning, retired pastor of Huguenot Road Church, Richmond, will nominate Richard.



Finally, we endorse Brooke Holloway, associate pastor of Memorial Baptist Church, Arlington, for the office of Second Vice President. Joshua Hayden, pastor of First Baptist Church, Ashland, will nominate Brooke.



Fred Anderson will be nominated to serve as clerk.

These candidates are well qualified to serve and are committed to the work of the BGAV now and in the future.

VBC is happy to endorse these persons for these leadership positions.

VBC welcomes and encourages the nominations of other qualified candidates.

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